John Donahue

R&D Mechanical Engineer Co-op


&nbsp From January to June 2020 I worked on the Advanced Development team at Shark, owning and assisting various projects across the scope of the brand. Due to a non-disclosure agreement I can not post many specifics of my work on a public portfolio, but more details are available in private interviews. I worked with both AC and BLDC motors for corded and cordless vacuums, assisted the robotics team, and developed several of my own prototypes. These prototypes included new 2021 technology, improvements to released products, and internal testing rigs to improve our own infrastructure and analysis capabilities. I made these prototypyes utilizing SolidWorks, Creo, Arduino, soldering, and 3D printing among other rapid prototyping methods. In my work, I covered DFM and DFA principles, extensive SolidWorks use, 3D Printer technology, motor science, pressure mapping, and battery technology. I also gained valuable experience in maintaining strong international communications with our teams in the United Kingdom and China throughout the pandemic’s spread. Working at SharkNinja heled me grow exponentially as an engineer and I look forward to advancing my skills further.